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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our clinicians must work by appointment. Unfortunately, occasionally patient appointments do require longer time frames than scheduled. When this happens, your patience is appreciated. A sincere attempt is made to adhere to the clinic schedule as much as possible. A return appointment for follow-ups should be made before leaving the clinic.

Please call our office during regular office hours and explain that you have missed your appointment and discuss rescheduling the appointment. Please keep in mind that this will appear as a ‘No Show’ appointment unless notification occurs within 2 hours prior to your appointment. Recurrent appointment ‘No Shows’ could result in your dismissal from our practice.

We work very closely with home health agencies who can provide dressing changes at home in between office visits. New orders are sent to home health after every visit. If home health services are not needed, we will also demonstrate and order supplies for dressing changes to be done at home by the patient or friends/family.

We ask that prescription refills be completed during regular office visits whenever possible. Clinicians must have the benefit of reviewing your medical record before prescribing any additional medications. Calculate in advance when you may need a refill on medicines that were prescribed by us, as we require at least 48 hours’ notice. Please allow at least 7 days to refill narcotics.

Please see the locations for addresses of all SWCA-AZ locations. Please note, some of the locations may share space with other medical offices. There will be an SWCA-AZ sign on the door if that is the case. Should you have any questions, please call our main number.

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